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  • Buchanan Precision Machine Universal Rifle Sling

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    The BPM Universal Rifle Sling is designed to be used on any Rifle that has 1 ¼” Sling Swivels or any AR or AK Style Rifle.  It is made from High Quality 1 ½” wide Nylon Belt Material and is supple enough that it can be easily threaded thru the smaller swivels.  It is designed to increase the surface area that supports the weight of the rifle to increase comfort and reduce fatigue while carrying the gun. 

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    The Sling is quickly adjusted for length so it can be used in a variety of ways. IE: Hunter Carry Muzzle Up, African Carry Muzzle Down, Cross Body Carry, or Cross Back.  When mounted on the side of your gun it allows the rifle to lay flat across your back which prevents the magazine from digging into your back and causing discomfort.

    The Cross Body Carry Method is currently the preferred method of carrying the Modern Sporting Rifle or Carbine. This method places the rifle at the ready position across your chest and allows quick assumption of the firing position.  The Toe of the Stock is high in the Shoulder Pocket and the gun comes to bear naturally by simply raising the Support Arm to bring the gun to eye level and perfect sight alignment and works equally well with Iron Sights or Optics.

    The quick adjustment feature of the sling allows you to easily adjust the length of the sling without having to take anything apart. It is designed to hold tight when pressure is on the sling and not slip around.

    The sling is typically adjusted so that it becomes tight when you shoulder the gun, so when you bring the gun up from the ready position to the firing position you will be “in the sling” and ready to fire from a braced position.  Or you can adjust the length of the sling to suit your particular style, whatever that may be.

    These features are of major significance when Drilling Dry or Live Fire, as you would at a Training Facility, or just casual shooting at the range. It promotes “Repeatability” in your shooting stance which enhances accuracy.  You will quickly become accustomed to carrying the gun like this, and see the benefits.

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