Exceptional Products for Demanding Use

Buchanan Precision Machine is a veteran-owned Machine Shop located in Ojai CA.  Our products are built around our primary interests which are Off Road Vehicles, Firearms and Servicing of the Military and Law Enforcement Communities.   

Our Motto is “Exceptional Products for Demanding Use.”

Our philosophy of delivering “What is needed, rather than what is asked for,” has been driven by the two primary Factors of Craftsmanship which we practice relentlessly:  

Attention to Detail and Personal Responsibility.

While perfection is unobtainable, the daily pursuit of it is mandatory!

Ordinary Machine Shops would only build to a print and if it doesn’t work after you get it,,, too bad,,, you get to pay for it any way. 

BPM has always been willing to point out obvious deficiencies in a design or specification, and make the necessary changes at no extra charge to the customer.  Once again Attention to Detail and Personal Responsibility, are the Cornerstones of our company.

Over the last 29 years, one of BPM’s primary customers has been the US Navy and the RAM Consortium of Port Hueneme, CA.  BPM has made numerous external and internal parts for the Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) System, a Ship Defense Weapons System.  BPM has always delivered a workable finished product, as opposed to “exactly what is called for by the print.”   Too many times the inadequacies of Civilian Engineers with little or no actual field experience have reared their ugly heads and necessitated “on the fly” modifications, which if not done would have resulted in unworkable parts, unmet due dates, and wasted Tax Payer Dollars.

BPM has an unblemished record of providing Components and Parts that function correctly the first time, built to standards well above expectations, on time, without overrun of costs over the last 29 years.

I hope that you will support our endeavor with your patronage, and have confidence that you are purchasing quality products that are Made in America.

William R. Buchanan