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Instructions for the Buchanan Precision Machine Universal Rifle Sling

For the purpose of the instructions on mounting the sling we will concentrate first on mounting it to an AR style rifle.

In order to get the rifle to balance correctly so that it hangs on your body with the least amount of torque, it must have the sling mounted high on the buttstock and on the fore end.

The cable lanyard supplied with the sling kit is looped thru the front sight so that the free end of the loop with the tube on it is above the barrel.  The cable lanyard is necessary as any other material will not withstand the intense heat that is generated at the Gas Block of these guns. It may wear some of the black oxide finish off the Front Sight which is unavoidable; however it provides a flexible connection to the front of the gun that allows movement in any direction while transitioning to different shooting positions and is desirable so that the sling doesn’t limit that movement like a permanent Side Mounted Swivel would.

The rear of the sling is looped thru the buttstock slot as high as you can get it. It is preferable to have the attachment a little loose so that it can move around freely.

 This will allow the gun to hang off the sling and lay flat with an Empty Magazine in it.  With a Full Mag, the bottom of the gun will hang lower which is exactly what you want when carrying it cross body or cross back. This keeps the Magazine off your back and causes the least amount of Fatigue when carrying for extended periods of time.

Note how the gun hangs flat in the pic below. This is the balance you want for any style of rifle.

The Cable Lanyard is pretty springy; a Tie Wrap around the cable just outside the loop will keep it in place fairly well.

Note: it is also possible to mount the front of the sling thru a QD type of Swivel such as ones from Magpul, using their M-Loc System. 

For a Hunting Rifle with the Sling Swivel Studs mounted to the bottom of the stock in the conventional manner, you simply thread the ends of the Sling thru the Swivels and secure it back into the buckles. You don’t use the Cable Lanyard for this application.  You will need 1 ¼” Swivels for this, and I recommend the Quick Disconnect style of Swivels as they allow quick removal of the sling from the rifle while sighting in  or if you just don’t want it on the gun. You will seldom see anyone hunting dangerous game with a sling on their gun. The reason why becomes obvious the first time it gets caught on something and you get mauled or stomped into the ground.

There is another version of this product for use on guns when you want to Cross Body Carry but need a different attachment.  This version uses a fore end wrap and a butt harness to attach to the gun with no modification to the gun itself.