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  • Buchanan Precision Machine L-N-L Hand Reloading Press with Case


    • Materials: Aircraft Aluminum, Stainless Steel, O1 Drill Rod
    • Dimensions: 10” High x 4 ½” Wide x 1 5/8” Thick
    • Weight: 3 pounds
    • Capacity:  3 ¾” with primer catcher removed. Will Full-Length Resize virtually any brass cartridge case.
    • Made in the USA.
    • Includes Boyt Case (imported).
    • Shipping by USPS Priority Mail to US only.

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    See demo video below or Click Here.  Please scroll down for full description.

    The Buchanan Precision Machine Hand Reloading Press is now established in the market place as the finest tool of its type ever produced since introduced in 2016. The response so far has been 100% positive, and we thank all who have purchased the tool.

    I've added a new feature to the hand press which I feel will appeal to many buyers.

    The tool is now available with the “Hornady Lock-N-Load Quick Change Die System.”

    Unfortunately this quick change feature cannot be retro fitted to the Original Model.  It requires a completely different Top Plate which is threaded to accept the Hornady L-N-L Conversion Bushing, which accepts the L-N-L Die Bushings (see photos). Other than the top plate, the press is identical to the original model, but is built as a dedicated Lock-N-Load version.

    The L-N-L Hand Press comes with one Die Bushing.  More are commonly available from many different retailers.

    This option speeds up die changes when doing short or long runs of ammunition and also the dies don’t have to be reset every time they're removed from the press.  Once the die is set in the die bushing the adjustment stays locked in.  Die Changes require a 1/6 turn to disengage, or re-engage in the press.

    Those already familiar with this Quick Change Die System will already know the advantages of this added feature when it comes to speed of operation and repeat-ability.

    It should be noted that my original intent when designing this tool was to provide a High Quality Tool that could be taken to the range and used to work up loads or used by Bench Rest or Precision Shooters to load their ammo on the spot while shooting. This additional feature makes it more efficient to use in that context.

    For example: Let’s say that you're working up a load for your favorite rifle and have a limited number of cases.  Having the ability to Re-Size and De-Cap, say 5 or 10 fired cases, and then quickly change to your Expander/Flaring Die and then your Seating Die and then your Crimp Die.  Since it is a 1/6 turn to disengage the die and 1/6 turn to engage then next die, this can be accomplished much quicker and easier than having to screw the dies in and out and hoping the adjustment hasn’t changed or worst case, having to reset the adjustment for each die each time.

    I have thoroughly tested this new tool in this context, and it works very smoothly and adds to the satisfying feel the press has always had.  It enhances the Tactile Gratification that only a fine tool provides to the owner, while speeding up the operation of the Press for short runs of loading.  Obviously it will work just as well for longer runs done using the “Standard Batch Reloading Method” common to all Single Stage Presses. 

    With this tool you can do it anywhere.

    The only thing that has always concerned me about the tool was how it should be stored. Dropping it or having it rattling around in a tool box with a bunch of other tools is sure to cause irreparable damage.

    To protect the tool I've offered a very nice Boyt Harness Case that fits the tool perfectly and protects against dings and dents caused by mishandling.

    The case will insure that the press is well protected and will last far longer than if not cased. The original intention of this tool was to make something that would outlast all of us, and with this small additional investment and proper care it will surely deliver on that promise.

    Specifications for carrying case from Boyt Harness Co.:

    • 14" X 7.5" (Boyt's tag says 13" x 7”; but it's larger)
    • Black Canvas Exterior with Green Interior
    • Waxed Canvas Shell
    • Breathable non-compressible cotton batten padding
    • Flannel Lining
    • Lifetime Warranty from Boyt Harness Company
    • Imported

    Please contact us for shipping outside the US.