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  • Buchanan Precision Machine Hand Reloading Press with Case


    • Materials: Aircraft Aluminum, Stainless Steel, O1 Drill Rod
    • Dimensions: 10” High x 4 ½” Wide x 1 5/8” Thick
    • Weight: 3 pounds
    • Capacity:  3 ¾” with primer catcher removed. Will Full-Length Resize virtually any brass cartridge case.
    • Made in the USA.
    • Includes Boyt Case (imported)
    • Shipping by USPS Priority Mail to US Only.

    Shipping is $18.00 by USPS Priority Mail to the US only. Contact us for a Quote for Shipping Outside the US.  Include your State/Province/Postal Code and what product you're interested in.

    See our demo video below or Click Here.  

    For the BPM Lock-N-Load Hand Press with Case Click Here

    As you may or may not know this is an evolution of the Decker Hand Press sold by Huntington Die Specialties for many years.  Since they have discontinued its production, I’ve updated the design and started to produce this tool with the highest quality materials available and machining to tolerances now considered “Industry Standard.”  

    All of the main Aluminum parts are made from 6061 Bar Stock and are Anodized Black. The Guide Rods are made from O1 Drill Rod and the Connector Links are made from 303 Stainless Steel.  All hardware is the best there is.

    This has resulted in a Tool that will easily last indefinitely if cared for in a conscientious manner.  Just keeping it clean, lubricated and in the fabric tool bag will insure that it is not beat up and ruined by mishandling.

    This Portable Hand Press will generate enough force to Full Length Resize just about any brass cased cartridge known to man as long as they are properly lubricated.  The Ram Travel is 3.75”.

    All other Reloading Operations are done with a minimum of force and easily accomplished with the Press either handheld or clamped to a table or bench. 

    The flat bottom design of the Press allows this using a C Clamp or other style clamp. Unlike its HDS predecessor or the Lee Hand Press which must be hand held for all operations, you don’t need Three Hands for this one! 

    Protect and transport your Hand Reloading Press with this carrying case from Boyt Harness Co.:

    • 14" x 7.5” (Boyt's tag indicates 13"x 7", but it's closer to 14"x7.5")
    • Black Canvas Exterior with Green Interior
    • Waxed Canvas Shell
    • Breathable non-compressible cotton batten padding
    • Flannel Lining
    • Lifetime Warranty from Boyt Harness Company
    • Imported
    Shipping is $18.00 by USPS Priority Mail to US only. Contact us for shipping outside the US.