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Buchanan Precision Machine 1 Inch Jeep Seat Riser Kit for TJ Style Wrangler 1997-2006

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The Buchanan Precision Machine Jeep Seat Riser Kit is the original product of this type and has been in continuous production since 1998.  We offer the highest quality CNC machined kit with the best hardware available, simply because WE INVENTED IT! Made in the USA. Shipping is in the US only.  Contact Us with your postal code for a Shipping Quote Outside the US.  We will invoice you for international sales.

Buchanan Precision Machine Jeep Seat Riser Kits are available in 1", 1 ½", and 2" lifts. The kit fits all Jeep TJ Style Wrangler Models from years 1997 to 2006.   

We don’t make seat lift kits for other years, makes or models.

One kit elevates both front seats: 

  • 1" kits are for people 6'2” and above
  • 1 ½" kits are for 5'6"-6’1".  This size kit is the best fit for the vast majority of people.
  • 2" kits are for people who are 5'6" and below.  

Each kit consists of: 

  • 8 Black Anodized Aluminum Blocks
  • 8 Grade 8/G10.9 Bolts
  • 8 Grade 8 Washers
  • Installation instructions.  
Shipping is $10.00 by Priority Mail in the US only.

The installation takes about 10-15 minutes per seat, with common hand tools.  There’s a good article on installation of this kit on Stu-Offroad.com. Click Here for Step by Step Installation Article


Virtually anyone can benefit from the installation of our Jeep seat lift kits, as the seats in TJ Wranglers have been considered low since their introduction in 1997.  The Seat Riser kit improves visibility over the dash, and makes it easier to see the end of the hood and front fenders, and facilitates easier negotiation of obstacles by decreasing the amount of area in front of your vehicle that you can’t see.  The product generally improves comfort in the Jeep by making it so you don’t have to lift your head constantly to see over the hood.  If you’re leaning forward or raising your head to see out of the Jeep, you really need this product.  Also if your thighs are off the seat bottom, seat risers will take up the slack and improve your seating comfort. 


Seat Riser Kits are shipped by Priority Mail at $10.00 to US only.  California residents pay 7.25% Sales Tax. 

Please contact us for pricing on International Shipments.

Please don’t be fooled by cheap plastic imitations, using body lift bushings or other inferior materials.  Solid metal and grade 8 hardware are the only materials suitable for this application.


This is the best thing you can do to a TJ for under $100, bar none!